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Welcome to Egedal municipality

Welcome to Egedal Municipality

As a new citizen in Egedal Municipality, you are guaranteed good conditions for your everyday life. This means that the City Council has a constant political focus on e.g. creating good institutions, schools with high well-being and professionalism as well as home care and nursing homes with a high degree of security. Egedal Municipality has a population of approximately 43.000 inhabitants and is the result of a merger between three municipalities Ølstykke, Stenløse and Ledøje-Smørum, which came into force January 1, 2007.

Whether you live or work in Egedal - we have a lot to offer. The area has a highly skilled workforce and a high quality of life. Egedal is part of the Greater Copenhagen Area and is situated in the midst of a picturesque scenery with green forests and blue lakes. Egedal has splendid architecture and excellent transport connections to Copenhagen.

Relevant information for you as a new citizen in Egedal

With a new life in a new municipality, there can be many things you want information about. Everything from change of address and locations of shops, to schools and leisure activities. On this page, we have gathered a list of information that may be particularly relevant to you as a new citizen in the municipality.

Become part of the community

Get to know more about your new municipality and the opportunity to become part of the community by following our social media profiles. Please feel welcome to share your own everyday moments in Egedal by using the tag #mitegedal on Instagram.

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Welcoming package and a tour around Egedal

All new citizens in Egedal are welcomed with a letter from the mayor with an invitation to participate in a bus tour around the municipality. You are also more than welcome to pick up a small welcoming package at your local library. 



Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke

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Christian Frederik Mortensen
Tlf: 7259 6442

HR- og kommunikationschef 
Henrik Skovdal
Tlf: 2016 6977

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Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke

CVR-nr.: 29188386
Kommunenummer: 240

Telefon: 7259 6000

Åbningstider i Borgerservice

Ugedag Tidspunkt
Mandag  8 - 14
Tirsdag 10 - 14
Onsdag Lukket
Torsdag 10 - 17.30
Fredag 10 - 12


Åbningstider i Egedal Sundhedscenter

Ugedag Tidspunkt
Mandag - Torsdag  8 - 16
Fredag 8 - 15

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