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The nature in Egedal

One thing that makes Egedal special is the nature and the landscapes.

Our nature is exciting and varied. The landscape is shaped and modeled by ice age deposits with tunnel valleys, moraine hills and wide river valleys. To the north are the large forests and Naturpark Mølleåen. Here you will find, among other things, Mølleåen, Bastrup Sø and Buresø, where you can swim in the summer period.

To the south, the landscape is characterized by streams, small lakes and bog landscapes.

Egedal Municipality is rich in nature experiences, which are accessible both on foot and by bike.
You can find suggestions for excursion destinations and routes here.

Favorite places in Egedal

We have asked some of the members of the City Council​ to show some of their favorite places in Egedal (NB. in Danish).

Edelgave Allé til Gravhøj



Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke

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Christian Frederik Mortensen
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HR- og kommunikationschef 
Henrik Skovdal
Tlf: 2016 6977

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Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
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