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Although Egedal is a small municipality, we still have a rich business life and with over 1,900 companies a very active business life.

Egedal Municipality supports the local business community and encourages its citizens to shop locally as far as possible. It could be at the local bricklayer or electrician if you need to build, the local shoe or clothing store if your wardrobe needs to be renewed, or maybe a local artist if you want to decorate your home.

Egedal Centret

Egedal Centret is the local shopping center where you can explore more than 70 shops. Here is everything you need of clothing stores, café, gourmet chocolate, rum and gin tasting as well as grocery stores. The Egedal Centre is located right by Stenløse s-train station.

Overview of companies in Egedal

On the website you can find much more information about life in Egedal. Among other things, you can find an overview of the shops, craftsmen, therapists and other traders in Egedal in the company guide.



Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke

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Christian Frederik Mortensen
Tlf: 7259 6442

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Henrik Skovdal
Tlf: 2016 6977

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Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke

CVR-nr.: 29188386
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