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Children & young people

In Egedal Municipality, we want all children and young people to have the best opportunities for learning, well-being and development.

Day care

As a citizen in Egedal Municipality, you are guaranteed childcare service. This means that the municipality must allocate a place in an age-appropriate day care service for all children in the age group from 26 weeks and until the child starts school.

On the website you can find an overview of which day care institutions we have in Egedal Municipality and read much more about the individual day care institutions.

For overall tariffs, vision for the area, closing days, etc.


Egedal is divided into 4 school districts with a total of 12 schools.

If you want your child enrolled in a kindergarten class, you must during the period;
• August to December: contact the Center for School & Day Care per mail.
• January through June: contact the district to which your child belongs.
• When enrolling in 1st - 10th grade, you must contact the district to which your child belongs.

You can read much more about the schools in Egedal Municipality.

Being young in Egedal

In Egedal Municipality, we have several offers for our young citizens. In Klub Egedal you will find the municipality's leisure and youth clubs. Egedal Municipality has 8 leisure clubs, which are for the students from 4th grade until 7th grade. In addition, there are also 4 youth clubs and 3 youth centers, which is a free evening offer for young people from 7th grade to 18 years.

Ung Egedal is the municipality's youth offer for young people in Egedal from 7th grade and up to 25 years. Here you will find the 10th grade center in Egedal, spare-time education, open school, youth centers, SSP and STU as well as Egedal Youth Initiative.



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